Rustic country French farmhouse decorative tray - French writing - France


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    My mom shared so many stories of her years growing up in France. She lived down the street from a small store and visit the store owners often. The shop owner would take wood from other projects and make rustic crates, boxes, and trays. The wife of the shop owner would hand-paint beautiful designs on each piece. She then carefully planted beautiful flowers that sat outside the shop or used the trays to display goods in their shop. While rustic, my mom remembers them as beautiful pieces of art. To this day she has a few in her home.

    We make trays and boxes based off the memories shared by my mom. Country French farmhouse boxes and trays made from reclaimed wood. The wood with all its imperfections takes us back 70 years to the small French shop.

    Constructed from reclaimed barnwood and finished with nontoxic paint and beeswax. This tray is white washed with black French lettering and a few small flowers. The gorgeous metal handles sets this tray apart from others.

    Perfect for the kitchen or your coffee table.

    The French phrase means, "And stand tall. Like the sun that never dies. Though sets every night."

    Each tray is finished with felt pads on the bottom to protect your countertops.

    Dimensions 30” x 17” x 3.5”