After an extremely toxic relationship of 9 years, living in a rental for two years, I finally moved into my special place called home. My home I built from love, the home I decorated from scratch, the home I feel good in, my place of peaceful beauty.

I started Restore2Beauty because I experienced a time period in my life where home was not a peaceful place. It was filled with toxic energy, negativity, and hopelessness. When I created my home and the decor therein, I was inspired by peace and beauty. To this day, friends walk-in and feel at home, feel peaceful, feel welcomed, and feel loved. Many joke and say they've walked into a spa, a place that feels tranquil.

Restore2Beauty takes something old, toxic, and ugly and breathes life into it; restoring it to something beautiful. A beautiful piece that hopefully finds its way into your home; restored with love, shared with peace, and creates happiness within.

Thanks for getting to know me. I hope to create something beautiful for your life.